Trivia of New StarWars Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Host of trivia game 'HQ' dishes on the hot new app

Scott Rogowsky, the host of "HQ," talks to "GMA" about how players can win real money.

Google's Apps Will Answer Every Star Wars Question

Google just made it easier to brush up on your Star Wars trivia. The Google app for iOS and Android now allows you to search for details about specific Star Wars characters from within the...

The Craziest Star Wars Director Picks - MOVIE FIGHTS!!

DAN MURRELL vs RACHEL CUSHING Host: Hal Rudnick Fact Checker: Lon Harris Social Media Ambassador: Danielle Radford QUESTIONS: 1. What movie should inspire an anthology series? 2. What's...

What's on my iPhone X?

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Check out the COURSE OF THE FORCE App - Powered by Qualcomm

Download the Course of the Force app, powered by technologies from Qualcomm and its subsidiaries. Join in the Image Hunt, made possible by Qualcomm Vuforia, to scan Android:

Star Wars, Android, iOS, and Achievements Can screwing around with hidden settings on your iPhone ruin your day? Can playing on the Internet encourage your kids to do their stinkin'...

Marc Andreyko VS Rachel Cushing - Movie Trivia Ultimate Schmoedown Round 1

DOWNLOAD THE APP TODAY!! It's time for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown! On today's Ultimate Schmoedown match, Marc...

HQ Trivia Challenge - Eddie vs Webby

In the very first episode of Eddie vs Webby, Eddie and Webby play the HQ trivia game that is sweeping the nation to see who does better. Eddie's Equipment: Samsung T5 1TB -

The Craziest Star Wars Interviews You’ve Never Seen! (Until Now!)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theatres this weekend, and we're going back in the Star Wars cast interview vault to bring you the weirdest and funniest moments with the Star Wars cast and...

QuizUp's Thor Fridriksson on his addictive app

QuizUp is the hottest thing in the App Store right now. Why? It's beautiful, social, and addictive. Everyone one loves trivia, says Founder and CEO Thor Fridriksson. And it's inherently competitive...

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